Процент происхождения

Происхождение всех предков определяется по регионам и в процентах. Карта мира показывает ваше происхождение.

Поиск родственников

В онлайн-результате вы получите список генетических родственников. Вы можете связаться со своими родственниками по электронной почте, чтобы узнать больше об их семье и прошлом.

Результат с сертификатом

В дополнение к онлайн-результату, Вы получите благородный сертификат происхождения в рамке для фотографий и другие документы в элегантной папке.

Древний народ

Вы узнаете о гаплогруппе и походах (доисторические времена), древних людях (древности) и регионе происхождения (средневековье) по отцовской линии (мужчины) ИЛИ по материнской линии (женщины).

Все древние племена

Только с помощью iGENEA Expert Test можно узнать точные гаплогруппы и миграции (доисторические времена), первобытные народы (древность) и регионы происхождения (средневековье) отцовской и материнской линии.

Все родственники

Только с помощью iGENEA Expert Test вы сможете найти в нашей базе данных всех своих генетических родственников.

Больше родственников

Вы получите дополнительный список других родственников по линии отцовства (мужчины) ИЛИ по линии материнства (женщины).

Личная консультация

0041 41 520 73 67(EN, DE)
0041 43 817 13 88(FR, ES, IT)

info@igenea.com Live-Chat WhatsApp


iGENEA on the subject of data protection
Protection of personal data such as name, address, telephone number or E-Mail is very important to us. For this reason we conduct our online activities in compliance with data protection and data security laws. The following paragraphs give you advice with regard to the information we collect and also how we proceed with it.

Personal data
We do not collect any personal information via our web sites without your agreement. The decision on whether or not you give us this data in the scope of a registration, questionnaire or similar remains solely with you.
We use your personal data in order to answer your request, to process your order or to make special information or offers accessible to you. Furthermore, for the purpose of maintaining customer relations it may be necessary for us to save and process your personal data in order for us to be able to address your needs better or so that we can improve our products and services. This data may also be used by us (or a third party on our behalf) to inform you of iGENEA offers that are advantageous to your business or to conduct online questionnaires, which result in us servicing your requirements better. Naturally we respect your wishes if you do not wish to make your personal data available to us in order to support our customer relations – particularly for direct marketing or market research. We will neither sell your personal data to third parties nor market this in another way.

When you access our web site data is automatically (as such not only when registering) collected that cannot be connected to a specific person (e.g. browser type and operating system, domain name of the referring web site, number of visits, length of visit, page-load activity). We use this information to determine the attractivity of our web site and to improve its content.

Children should not transmit any personal data via the iGENEA web site without the permission of their parents or custodian. iGENEA would like to emphasize to all parents that it is important that children are schooled to interact with personal data over the internet safely and responsibly. iGENEA will not knowingly collect or use personal data from children nor will it disclose this information to third parties.

iGENEA makes provisions in order to ensure the security of your personal data. Your data is conscientiously protected from loss, destruction, falsification, manipulation and unauthorised access or unauthorised disclosure.

Links to other web sites
The iGENEA web site contains links to other web sites. iGENEA is not responsible for the data protection strategies or the content of these other web sites.

Questions and comments
If you have questions or comments on the approach to data protection adopted by iGENEA (for instance to view and update your personal data), please select contact. The ongoing development of the internet affects our data protection strategies. Changes will be published on this page in a timely manner.